Were it not for the Women’s Jiu Jitsu class and the all-around welcoming, encouraging environment I may have never tried Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 8 months later, I am so glad I did! Tony and Hillary have distinct, yet equally awesome, styles of coaching that allow me to get different perspectives. BJJ has been a truly life-changing and transformational experience. Between the amazing coaches and great teammates I do not think I could find a better place to train.
Starting out with the gym’s Jiu Jitsu classes for self defense, my interest in the sport instantly grew due to the inspiring coaching methods and strong community.The fitness foundation classes are a great supplement to my Jiu Jitsu training and the instruction is clear and always ensures safety! It’s an ongoing challenge everyday at the gym but I am constantly motivated and driven by my coaches to push myself to the next level. Industrial Strength is the perfect environment for individuals who want to physically and mentally excel.
The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes at Industrial Strength (Impact Jiu Jitsu Portland) are great. Tony is a black belt in BJJ and has a great teaching style for those just starting out and for upper belts that have been training for years. A mix of drilling technique, open sparring, and review make this a great spot to train. Plus there’s all the strength & conditioning, kettle bell, and Olympic lifting classes offered to help supplement you training! Get everything you need in one fantastic location. I highly recommend!
I’m in town on vacation and always like to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in a new city when possible. I contacted Tony Gracia and he was very welcoming. I took the noon class (a beginner level), and I enjoyed it very much. He ran us through some great BJJ specific warm ups and taught an excellent fundamentals class focusing on passing the half guard and transitioning into head and arm chokes. I was impressed with his detail oriented, fundamental focused and inviting teaching style. The gym itself was very clean and offered some great private instruction on fitness. Tony and I had some great matches. While he is a larger opponent I never felt that he relied on his size or strength. He is a very technical player. If you’re in the Portland area, I highly recommend as I believe he’s a solid instructor and a new or seasoned student can learn something. - Black Belt – Balance Studios in Philadelphia, PA
I’ve been taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes at Industrial Strength for the past three months and I’ve been very happy with my experience. Tony, a recent black belt recipient, is a great instructor: patient, insightful and fun. Classes are small, which is great as Tony can give individualized pointers to help improve your technique. I would recommend Impact to beginners and the experienced alike.
— BEN S.
I have been a member at Industrial Strength for about 6 months. I have taken just about all the classes they offer. Here are a few of the highlights that I have noticed.1. State of the art equipment.2. Small class size. Being a teacher myself, I know that the rate at which you learn is much faster with a smaller class, as opposed to a large class where you feel like just another student.3. Well educated staff. Every instructor practices what they preach and have truly mastered their crafts and take great pride in what they do. 4. Members. I have been to gyms that are “clickish” which can be a big turn off to new members. While all groups are very close, they are accepting and friendly towards new students. I have taken a couple Jiu Jitsu classes have really gotten in to the kickboxing over the past 6th months. Kickboxing Instructor Andrew Wright from MMA gym Team Quest is very patient and as a competitor knows his material. I can say the same for the Jiu Jitsu class taught by black belt Tony Gracia and the Olympic weightlifting class taught by Mira Kwon.I have been a member at a lot of gyms and martial art studios and this one really stands out.
I’ve been participating in Jiu Jitsu for over ten years, training at several institutions across America & Japan. Impact Jiu Jitsu at Industrial Strength Gym is far and away the best studio I’ve ever trained at. Instruction is focused on student’s needs with excellent class content emphasizing simple execution and repetition of technique. What makes Impact stand out above all others is its community. Impact Jiu Jitsu has the most welcoming environment of any studio I’ve attended. Classes are mixed gender and rank, so you’re always getting to work with different body-types and skill levels. Most importantly, every participant is there to learn and have fun. You wont get a better experience anywhere else.
If you are interested in Jiu Jitsu at all, you must check out Impact Jiu Jitsu at Industrial Strength for quality, fun Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction. I’m having a blast! If you were a wrestler, UFC/MMA fan or you just want a great workout, while learning relevant self defense and grappling skills you NEED to check out Impact Portland. There is even a all ladies class too.Head instructor Tony Gracia has a style of teaching that is very thoughtful, thorough, fun and even entertaining. There is a wide range of age and body types during classes and I cannot stress how welcoming and non-intimidating the environment is.
— JED S.
I don’t usually take the time to write reviews, but I have been so impressed by the Jiu Jitsu program at Industrial Strength Gym. The facilities and Jiu Jitsu mats are by far the cleanest I have ever seen. I’ve been to plenty of gyms that stink like sweat and nasty dudes, but Industrial Strength Gym makes cleanliness a top priority and it makes the experience so much better! Outside of the amazing facilities, the coaching and other students have been wonderful to work with. Again, I don’t usually do reviews, but if someone out there is looking for a clean, safe and super friendly place to roll, then I thought I should let you know that this is that place. My name is Jeremy and I usually roll Tuesday and Thursday during the 12:00 to 1:00 time slot. If you come down and disagree with my review, you can whoop up my white belt behind.