Tony Gracia Head Shot go


1st Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor

Tony commenced his journey with Jiu Jitsu in Seattle, WA at age 18, where he began training at the Northwest Jiu Jitsu Academy under Brian J. Johnson.  After just three months of training he moved to McMinnville, Oregon, for college, only allowing him to train on breaks when he went home to Seattle.  At this point he was already so hooked on BJJ that he would often plan his trips home to stop at the academy and get in a class – before he even made it home to see his parents!

After a couple years struggling to find consistent training in the small college town, he eventually found the team at Impact Jiu Jitsu Newberg.  He spent 2005-2007 training with the crew in “the ‘Berg” before moving to Portland, Oregon, upon graduation from Linfield College.

It was an easy choice to continue training with the Impact family at its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.  He has been training there under the guidance of Michael Chapman and Armand Debruge since 2007.  Tony received his black belt in August 2014 from Professor Chapman and Professor Debruge.  

Upon opening Industrial Strength in 2013, Tony used part of the gym space to lay down 1,000 square feet of BJJ mats, and now runs the official Portland affiliate of Impact Jiu Jitsu.

Tony’s focus as an instructor is to create a safe, inviting environment where students of all experience levels can feel welcome and thrive with their training.  His teaching style focuses on developing solid fundamentals, a strong understanding of Jiu Jitsu concepts, and detailed basics in order to create the strongest foundation to grow from.

Additionally, Tony also believes in lifelong growth as a martial artist. A true martial arts practitioner should never be stagnant in their development. With that in mind, several years ago Tony started training judo to help him become a more complete grappler and martial artist - he is currently a brown belt.

In addition to being the head instructor of the Jiu Jitsu program, Tony is also the head strength coach at Industrial Strength.  His background includes a BS in Exercise Science and a StrongFirst Team Leader (StrongFirst, nicknamed "The School of Strength" is the gold standard in kettlebell instruction).


Brown Belt

Sean was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2001 while watching the movie “Choke,” a documentary about Rickson Gracie. He signed up the following term in 2002 for a Jiu Jitsu class at the University of Oregon. Seven weeks after starting training he competed in his first tournament and was officially hooked. In 2003, after graduating from Univeristy of Oregon, he moved back to Portland and began training full time with Impact Jiu Jitsu.

After many years on the mat and in competitions across the west coast, Sean started coaching no-gi and MMA in 2008 upon graduating from Impact’s Coaching University. What began at the Impact Beaverton facility now continues at Industrial Strength, where he coaches the No Gi class on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Sean’s goal is to create that same spark and love for Jiu Jitsu in others that brought him here today. It starts with an ability to be curious about fighting and applying lessons learned in Jiu Jitsu to all aspects of your life. His technical focus is on defense and survival, followed by a good dose of humor and reality in techniques taught.



Kickboxing Coach

Andrew was born in San Diego, CA, and moved around the country until settling in Portland in the early 1990s.  He began training in Martial Arts at the age of 8, and over the years has studied Judo, Wu Ting Tao and Moo Duk Kwan.  Andrew spent several years studying at a prominent MMA school where he trained under UFC headliners and BJJ champions.  He participated in their coaches program where he spent years learning from some of the top athletes/coaches in the country.

He describes his coaching style as a balance between most students’ desire for fun and cool techniques, grounded with their need of strong fundamentals and real world application.  He also understands the different needs and learning styles of his students. Rather than using a “one size fits all” approach, he is thoughtful to tailor his instruction to best serve the individual in front of him.  Andrew likes to maintain a class environment that is engaging and mentally stimulating to his students, so in addition to getting a great workout, he promises to have you break a “mental sweat” too!

In addition to his martial arts background, Andrew graduated from Lehigh University with a BA in Philosophy and played on their football team.  He also brings to the table 15 years experience in the security industry.  When not coaching at Industrial Strength or working a security job, he enjoys spending time with his family (his wife, Sara, and young son, Asher), and growing his own small business: a lifestyle clothing company inspired by MMA and other martial arts.


BRIAN aloisi

Purple Belt

Brian is a second-degree purple belt who has been with us since 2017. He has been training Jiu Jitsu for a total of six years and was awarded his purple belt in 2017 by David Reilly, head coach of Undisputed in Tucson, Arizona. Brian’s approach to Jiu jitsu is conceptual, emphasizing universal grappling principles and concepts so that students don’t just know how to apply a move, but also understand why it works.As a coach, he is passionate about teaching and sharing the many benefits that come with training. Along with learning self-defense and increasing fitness levels, he believes that Jiu Jitsu can fundamentally transform a person’s life, giving them structure, discipline, and purpose.